Chair Yoga with Jayadeva

Jayadeva began teaching Chair Yoga over 20 years ago. He has taught it in nursing homes, at health clubs, at senior centers, at corporate offices and to university staff. The class he has developed and taught to many other yoga instructors is surprising. Though it is an excellent class for those with physical challenges, and those who cannot easily do yoga while working from the floor, this is a full-out yoga class that is totally satisfying for even the most advanced yoga practitioners. The class, like his other classes, is comprehensive and moves people into "the zone" in every class.

Many of his yoga students have continued taking the Chair Yoga classes weekly for several years. This is a class experience worth trying just to see what it is like. Almost everyone is surprised by what a rich yoga experience they get while working while doing yoga using the chair. Again, note that almost everyone can take and enjoy this special class.