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TGR is "The Great Remembering"

Each of us is called to discover our true identity, and live in fullness.

TGR Yoga serves to nurture That.

Living yoga.  Teaching yoga.  Presentations.  Training others to live and teach yoga.  Workshops.  Retreats. 

The goal of yoga is to be in the groove, the flow, the Tao - to be free of the sense of separation. That is when we experience the truth. We know eternity and bliss - not as an intellectual concept, but as our way of being. Yoga is designed to bring us to this experience until we are established in it always.

Jayadeva's Story

Jayadeva, founder of TGR Yoga ~ The Great Remembering, was drawn to yoga from an early age. His father taught him to do headstand at age three. At 13, he discovered that sitting in Lotus posture (though he didn't know it was a yoga pose) was the most comfortable way to sit, and he has sat in Lotus ever since. Beginning in his youth and continuing throughout his life, Jayadeva had visions of sharing spiritual teachings and insights -- "rememberings", actually. He began studying scriptures, spiritual texts and tales in his teens, and started meditating regularly. In January 1969, a classmate approached him asking for yoga instruction during their freshman year at Stanford University.  Hatha yoga practice quickly became a daily exploration and joy, and he continued instructing others. A few years later, Jayadeva met Swami Satchidananda, whom he recognized as his Guru. He went on to become a senior Integral Yoga instructor and manager of the New York Integral Yoga Institute, where he directed and helped shape the Integral Yoga Teacher Training in Manhattan and around the world. In 1999, Jayadeva settled in the Princeton, NJ area, where he founded the 501(c)(3) Princeton Integral Yoga Institute and Integral Yoga of Princeton Teacher Training School. He has trained hundreds of superb yoga teachers in addition to teaching workshops and courses, giving talks and presentations, organizing and leading yoga retreats, and sharing his teachings internationally.

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