Jeannine Dietz, RYT

Jeannine is a nationally recognized Crystal Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher. Led to yoga due to her own and injuries, she has been practicing/teaching/healing since 1995. Based out of Princeton, New Jersey, she hosts workshops/classes/trainings in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Vermont, Colorado, California, New York and New Jersey areas.  Trained in over 6 different styles of Yoga, Jeannine specializes in fun and inspirational Yoga Classes, Crystal Singing Bowl and Gong Workshops, Private Physical Yoga Therapy Sessions, Healing Sessions with Crystal Singing Bowls, and Spiritual Energetic Hands on Healing.  She has been quoted in Yoga Journal for her work with the Crystal Singing 

Bowls, and filmed by Grass Roots TV. With her in-depth knowledge in the science of Yoga, Physical Yoga Therapy, Crystal Sound and Energetic Healing; she has healed herself not only physically - but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Jeannine’s compassion, love and joy of life shine through in all of her teachings. Her classes are safe, uplifting, inspiring, fun, and healing. She believes we all have the ability to tap into our own healing resources and live lives that are filled with less stress, pain and disease; filled with more love, light, joy, and inner peace.