Testimonials from those who have taken the TGR Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The teachings, techniques and orientation of the class at ATT have definitely changed the course of my Sadhana practice. I keep saying to my family/co-workers-- do you see the wings I am growing? Do you? They all have a good laugh, but in the heart of hearts, I know it is happening. Steady Sadhana is my aid that is helping me understand the true nature of ‘this’ being. And flying is one of the benefits! When one says I want ‘more’ out of life--- it is this ‘MORE’ that Sadhana has given to me. It’s allowed me to make the connections with theories, stories, beliefs, ideas, thoughts. The teachers have taught us how to self discover, that—along with the Sadhana, has built an awareness of the availability of the super consciousness. There is a wonderful web that has begun to form- It all started with the Asana practice, then came along the teachers, the teachings, the stories, the compassion, the authenticity, (which really blew my mind) the discipline, the devotion, and now a sense of fulfilment. And to think this is just the beginning! The connection that all is one, don’t seem like words anymore-- but it seems THE WORD now. Love you, teachers! Thank you!

Words cannot fully express how this steady sadhana in conjunction with numerous inspiring teachers and a loving sangha have impacted me. It has totally awakened me to the beauty and love emanating from this present moment on a very consistent basis. I feel eternally blessed and come to tears as I realize how blind I was in dark ignorance (I’m not judging the past but very appreciative for it and how I have been led to the Now; critical tapas) to the spiritual wealth within. Such experiences (which are increasingly occurring) seem to be integral to the healing/forgiveness process and the ultimate, final release/surrender to the all pervasive Lord within all. I feel as though for the first time in my life I can truly and unconditionally feel love for myself and thus all of creation. I feel less sense of separation and feel more and more connected to all (particularly children, animals and plants). I conceptually understood and was deeply captivated by the universal truths evident in the yoga and vedanta teachings (I’ve been struck by this innately for most of my life as I look back) but now feel such truths more and more from experience.

My own sadhana....it's been evolving and evolving into being such a very rich part of my day.  Since the basic teacher training, I have become rather devoted to my morning sadhana.  It's changed quite bit...sometimes a greater focus on asana, sometimes pranayama, sometimes meditation, sometimes just reading scripture, sometimes a focus on all of this in combination....and I really feel like my ATT experience has pulled my practice together and has encouraged it to deepen, and flow even more naturally.  I think that in the beginning, I was soooo disciplined with my practice, making it so strict and orderly that I was missing it's greatest benefits...like I was so attached to just getting it done (which I do realize is part of the commitment, however), that I didn't leave room for really truly feeling the experience.  It was more about just rushing through all the elements of my practice, rather than taking the time to let what I was doing really sink in and watch how it was transforming my life.  This began to change when I started taking the Therapeutic Yoga Training, and continued to change as I went through the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  Reading through all the texts, I picked up more and more wisdom from what I was reading, and slowly began to work with what I was reading about and learning from Jayadeva, Robert, Karuna, and Andrea into my sadhana.  What's actually happened was that even though I was incorporating more into my sadhana, it became more and more relaxed and natural, and has evolved from what could have become almost a chore, into a way of being, of living my life, and I am ever so grateful for what has been shared with me to get to this point. 

I loved the teachings and having the teachers that we did.  I received exactly what I was looking for and that was to be taught and learn some new things; as well as being part of a community of like-minded individuals.   The training and the practices helped me to transform and shift out of the place I was and into a new place within myself and my teaching.  I have a new perspective now.  

To even comprehend the immensity of what is being offered here at ATT, to use this knowledge and practice will take a lifetime. ATT has taught me to pay attention, to check the posture, taking a few moments to notice the difference, to feel and make that small adjustment. And it is such a sense of fulfillment when I take this attitude to the class I teach, and help someone notice, to feel the difference in breath, to adjust the posture. Really in the Asanas, Pranayama, Deep Relaxation, Swadhyaya everything teaches about what is happening within constantly and learning to be aware of it all the time.  Every special assignment has been pure joy to do. The mountain pose always has a special place in my heart. When I'm in this posture all the elements, the body alignment, the breadth, the energy, when done absolutely in the right way, everything that is worth knowing can be known from within. The asana if done in perfection will bring the body to such a state of ease that one does not realize whether the body exists or not. After learning about Sukha Purvaka for the first time, started to practice it along with Swadhyaya. It felt like reaching home, a place one naturally ends up with. Learning to cultivate the body, mind, energy, bringing it to certain level of preparation using this technique called Sukha Purvaka and then knowing that something is happening, blossoming within, leading to meditative state. Absolute stillness. I realize it is not about becoming an advanced level teacher, but the entire process with its depth and clarity helping me to become a yogi in the true sense. Learning never ends even as you teach you are always learning, always elevating the level of consciousness to the highest possibility.